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Max Khetpachernchai coach at LIFT Westlake

Max Khetpachernchai

CSCS, FRCms, Pn1 – Owner/Strength Coach

As a self-proclaimed fitness nerd, Max is a lifelong student of health and fitness. He has over 15 years of experience in the field and he wants to use his knowledge to help you become a better version of yourself. Max knows that the best plan is the one that you truly enjoy, and he will seek to understand you in order for you to reach your goals!

Grayson Choate


Grayson has taught strength training, calisthenics and corrective exercise for over 6 years. He has extensive knowledge of nutritional science and is always studying to further his understanding of the human body and the mind. As someone who struggled with addiction and several injuries, he knows first hand what a bad environment and unhealthy lifestyle choices can lead to. Fortunately, through fitness, nutrition and the right mentorship he completely turned his life around and throughout that process learned the importance of proper nutrition, proper mindset and consistent exercise to live a more meaningful life. Grayson has made it his life’s goal to inspire others and educate them on those same principles to help them achieve their goals!

Ana Navarro


Meet Ana, a passionate and certified personal trainer with a Kinesiology degree from The University of North Texas, class of 2021. Ana’s fitness journey started early as a competitive cheerleader, cultivating a strong passion for well-being. Armed with a personal training certificate from the National Personal Training Institute of Dallas, Ana is dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals sustainably. Drawing from 13 years as a cheerleader, Ana understands the importance of balancing physical and mental well-being. Ana’s mission is to make fitness enjoyable and sustainable for lifelong health, taking a collaborative approach to tailoring personalized programs that promote well-being and positive body relationships. Join Ana on a journey towards health, happiness, and self-love!

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